We believe that booking travel is broken.

Why do you have to take time from your busy schedule to look through numerous review sites scouring for the best options and prices?

Our inspiration for SnapTravel is to make booking travel a simple and magical experience. 

SnapTravel is founded by repeat Entrepreneurs Hussein Fazal and Henry Shi.

San Francisco

Henry was the 2nd machine learning engineer at LendUp and an engineer at Google that launched YouTube Artists Analytics

About SnapTravel

Lead Investors



Scott Booker (former President

Stuart Silberg (former CTO Expedia) 

Eduardo Schutte (SVP Hilton Worldwide)

Shariq Minhas (co-founder Stayful) 

Hussein was previously the co-founder & CEO at AdParlor. He bootstrapped the company to $100M+ revenue and sold it to AdKnowledge.



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